Dorothy Netherland




Merging collage, paint, ink, screenprint and photo transfer, I'm currently making mixed-media pieces working underneath and on top of Mylar sheets. In my work, I cut up and transfer layers of altered photos, some of which are collages I've made and then made into copies, as well as including photos of my daughter's face joined with transformed fashion magazine bodies. My media and content have shifted and expanded over time, but at its core my work has always been an expression of my efforts to understand the nature of what we think of as "true" or "real". 

Now, from the context of being the mother of a teenaged girl, I investigate issues of gender, identity, transformation and personal power. When the popularity of an image signifies and creates power, the use of hyperbole, performance and curated persona become a normal way of being. Is identity distorted in unhealthy ways, or is the creative control derived from the dissemination of one's likeness to a broad audience empowering?

I am obsessed with the commingling of the real and the fake, and I'm interested in the mixed messages of girl power, and the way female strength and empowerment can resemble branding. In a personal way, my work contemplates the current culture, and my daughter's growing involvement in it.